Pop Up Robot

A pop up robot to print out and make. Fold the model flat and it pops up when released. Slip it into a greeting card as a delightful robo-surprise! Members can download the parts for free, non-members for £2.50

Print out the parts onto three sheets of thin cardboard, score along the dotted lines, cut out the holes then carefully cut out the pieces.

Make up the body by gluing the two hook pieces face to face making a square shaped tube,

Repeat the process with the head.

Glue the head and body together by joining the two grey areas together with the two small holes aligned. Fold the small tab through the hole and glue it to the back of the adjoining piece.

In each of the four box sides, glue together the two sides that are opposite the hooked tabs.

Fit a long thin elastic band over the hook in the head. Thread the elastic band through the small hole then fit the other end over the hook piece in the body.

Glue up the remaining sides to complete the head and body.

All the remaining parts are made from double thickness card. Glue them and fold them in half. Once the glue is dry carefully cut the piece out. Repeat this process for the arms, legs and antennae

The arms glue to the small semi-circles on the side of the body.

Complete the robot by gluing on the antennae and legs.

Fold the model flat, slip it into a greeting card and it will pop out when the card is opened.