Slot Together Involute Gear


This easy to make gear uses thirteen tooth and a twenty three tooth gear. The gears themselves are designed using the excellent Gear Generator software from woodgears.ca then further edited by me in Adobe Illustrator.

Download the zip file containing the parts in pdf and dxf file format. The parts are best cut out using a laser cutter. The design is for 1400 micron card, the sort used for picture frame windows.

Cut out the parts shown below.

Thread one of the axle pieces up through one of the holes in the body and fit the gear into place

Thread another axle piece up through the second hole and fit the second gear into place.

Press the gears flat against the side.



Fit the second axle down so that it interlocks with the first.

And the same with the second gear.

Finish off by fitting the spacer/handle