Candy Santa : Download and Make

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Candy Santa, a fun quick model to download and make. Lift his head and a flood of M&Ms tumble out!

Download the parts file at the end of this post and print it onto thin card (230gsm/230 micron). Score along the dotted lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Fold round and glue together the core outer leaving the tab and the lid un-glued as shown.

Fold round and glue together the core inner. Glue the core base into place into the core inner.

Thread the core inner into the core outer as shown in the top picture above. Push the core inner right up so that it lines up with the top of the core outer. Glue the semi-circular part of the tab to the top of the core inner. This will limit the range of movement of the core inner.


Once the glue on the tab is dry, push the core inner down a little and glue down the lid of the core outer. Notice that the central tab is on the outside.

Glue the body inners front and back to the outer core. Align these parts with the top of the outer core and use the red arrows for vertical alignment.

Join the front and back inners together.

Glue the feet onto the tabs on the core inner. Make sure that the feet are pointing the right way!

Glue the body back to the side of the body inner lining it up as shown above.

Wrap the back round and glue it to the other side of the body inner. Glue the body front to the grey areas on the body back as shown above.

Glue the stole to the back of the body as shown above. Use the grey area for alignment. Glue the arms into place.

Roll the stole over and glue it into place onto the grey dots on the body front.

Assemble the head as shown as above.

Glue the head to the top of the body. Glue to the head to the tab on the stole first then glue the chin tab to the top of the outer core.

Assemble the hat as shown above.

Fold the end of the hat round and glue it down.

Glue the hat to the head to complete the model.

Flip your Candy Santa over, pull the inner core out and fill it with sweeties. (I used M&Ms)

With the Santa still inverted  push the inner core back into place to lock the candy into place. Stand the Santa on a table top.

Hold the feet and pull the head and all the sweets will tumble out! Ho ho ho!

Festive felicitations one and all!

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