Earth Globe mk2

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A paper Earth Globe to download and make! The revolving globe and stand are mounted at the correct angle of 23.5 degrees.

Also included with the download is a moon model to the same scale as the Earth globe.

To arrange them at the scale distance they should be 3.5 metres apart.

Check out the stop motion animation on my Instagram channel.

Members can download the parts for free at the link, thanks for signing up! Non-members can join in the fun for £2.50 or equivalent.

Print out the parts the five pages of thin card (230gsm/67lb) There is an uncoloured version included in the download if you would prefer to add your own colour scheme. Score along the dotted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Pre-crease the various globe parts ready for assembly

Use the various land masses as a guide to make sure you get the parts connected together correctly!

Glue the five parts of the globe together a couple of tabs at a time. Leave the top square next to the top hole and these two surfaces unglued.

Make up axle and axle end tubes as shown.

Glue one of the axle ends into place using the grey line for alignment.

Thread the axle end down through the hole in the bottom of the globe.

Using the access hole in the side of the globe, hold the axle in place then thread the other axle-end into place.

Close off the last of the globe.

Roll up and fit the two slider tubes. They need to be free to rotate on the axle.

Assemble the base.

Fit the stand into position.

Glue the base stiffener into place

Glue the frame inner to the frame side, lining it up with the edges of the tabs.

Glue down the frame inner a couple of tabs at a time.

Glue on the other frame side. Take your time, you don’t want to introduce a twist!

Glue on the frame back.

Glue the slider tube to the frame so that the globe is centred and free to rotate.

Glue the marked areas of the frame to the base to complete the globe.

Make up the two parts of the moon.

Glue them together.

Make the stand and base.

Glue the moon into place.

The completed model!