Simple Slider

Download and make this template as a pdf or svg file for your cutting machine. I created this for #truelove to use in school with her 6-7 year olds class. They are working on STEM/DT and needed a starting point to introduce slider mechanisms.


The teacher will need to do a bit of work as there are holes which need to be cut out with a sharp knife. I’ve included the cutting machine files which would speed things up. Let me know if you make anything and please do share pics of the projects that your students make!

Cut out the three parts.

Fold up the two tabs on the slide.

Apply glue to the marked areas.

Glue the cover in place making sure the tabs aren’t glued down.

Flip over and then lift up the tabs.

Thread the slide into place as shown then flatten down the tabs.

Make your character, check the instagram video above for more ideas. Glue your character to the tabs then pull to slide!

You can also make the centred slide, and try using coloured card