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Festive Santa decoration to download and make. This Santa project is based on the simplest of the five platonic solids, the tetrahedron. It is free for all members to download and make, thanks for your support!

Print out the parts onto a single sheet of thin card (230 micron / 67 lb) Score along the dotted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the pieces.

Fold round and glue up the body. Glue the hat rim to the grey area starting at the back of the body and working round the three faces.

Glue on the bobble, the beard and then the moustache, use the picture above to guide alignment.

Fold the arm pieces in half and glue them down to make double thickness card. Do not glue the two semi-circular tabs together.

Once the glue is dry cut the arms out carefully.

Fold the legs in half and glue them down to make double thickness card.

Once the glue is dry cut out the legs

Glue the arms to the grey circles on the body. Make sure that the thumbs are pointing upwards.

Glue the tab on the leg to the inside top front of the body.

Glue the hanger to the body to the top of the body just behind the bobble.

Done! Hang your Santa proudly from your tree. Ho ho ho!