Simple Levers

Simple Lever and Linkage projects to make at home or in the classroom.


The template files are available to download for free, just add them to the cart.

Making the Simple Lever

Cut out these parts from corrugated card.

Make holes in the centres with the port of a pencil. Take care!

Join the two parts together with the split pin. Glue on the spacer at the top of the lever arm.

The finished Simple Lever.

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Making the Lever and Linkage

Cut out the corrugated card and thin card parts.

Line up the parts as shown.  Make a hole with the point of a pencil. Take care!

Fit the first split pin. Make the hole for the second split pin. Notice that the lever is at an angle!

Fit the second split pin then glue on the spacer.

Fold over the thin card and glue it to the upper horizontal card. Don’t glue the lower piece, it needs to slide through the loop of thin card.

The finished lever and linkage.

Add your own characters!