Gear-Crank Two versions

Two Gear/Crank projects to download and make. This mini-collection has two versions for the gear/crank essential mechanism, one with a long box and a second with a tall box. Turn the crank roughly three times and the crank completes a single rotation. Great for slowing down the action on a project and making the ‘story’ of your automata longer. Members can download the pair of projects for free, thanks for your support. Non-members can join in the fun for £3.50 or equivalent.

Gear and Crank together in perfect harmony. The gear works to reduce the crank speed to just a smidge over a third speed. Use this Essential Mechanism as the starting point for your own character based automata or as an exercise in pure mechanism.

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Turn the handle and the mesh gear drives the push rod protruding from the top of the box via a crank. Use this model as an exercise in pure mechanism or as the starting point for making animated paper characters. 

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