Mesh Gear Crank 2

Mesh Gear /Crank Mkii

Turn the handle and the mesh gear drives the push rod protruding from the top of the box via a crank. Use this model as an exercise in pure mechanism or as the starting point for making animated paper characters. This model is a free download for all members, thanks for signing up! Non members can also download the parts for £2.50

This is an incremental improvement over the previous version which is still available here. This version will take over the role of Essential Mechanism from the previous one.

Print out the parts onto thin card. (230gsm/67lb are ideal) I used coloured card for a colourful model. You can use coloured, white or patterned card as you choose.

Score along dotted and dashed lines and cut out the holes with a sharp knife before carefully cutting out the pieces.

Make up the two gears by folding over the card to make double thickness then once the glue is dry carefully cut them out.

Make up the two crank pieces.

Roll up and glue down the four tubes. line up the edges of the card with the points of the arrows.

Fit the crank piece with the two short ends into the gear gluing it down to the grey area.

Make up the push rod.

Make up the push rod ends from double thickness card and cut them out.

Thread the push rod ends onto one of the mid length tubes and glue them to the push rod so that the tube is level.

Fit the short tube into the middle of the large gear and glue it down.

Assemble the gear, push rod and crank pieces as shown.

Fit the small gear to the short square axle lining it up with the grey line.

Assemble the box front as shown. The long side sections are right angled triangle tubes.

Assemble the top and bottom.

Glue together the handle in three steps.

Assemble the box back. Glue the top and bottom pieces into position as shown. Note that the triangle sections on the top and bottom need to be furthest away from the box back

Fit the gear assembly into place with the push rod threaded up through the hole in the box top.

Glue the box front into position.

Glue down the box side flaps.

Thread the long tube through the holes in the box back. Glue the small gear into position.

Complete the project by gluing the handle to the long tube.

Once the glue is dry turn the handle to mesh the gears and drive the crank!