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Cubug, a pop up character to download and make. Fold him flat, flip the lock tab into place and he remains flat until you drop him on the floor when he springs open!

Cubug is based on a cubocahedron shape – hence the name. If you are a member you can download the parts file at the end of this email, non members can can download the file for a small fee.

The file comes complete with the ready coloured version shown here as well as a line only version so that you can create your own design.

Print out the parts onto stiff card. I used 280 micron card which as just right. Score along all the dotted lines and cut out the holes before cutting out the parts. Both of these jobs are easier on a full sheet.
Follow the instructions below and make your own Cubug model!


Before you start assembling the model, exercise all the crease lines to ensure that they are free to move easily.  Glue the body base to the feet so that the key holes line up accurately.

Glue the two parts of the tab together as shown above.

Glue the completed tab into the corner of the body top. Use the picture above to make sure your alignment is correct, notice where the mouth is!

Use the picture above to guide you in preparing the two body parts for joining.

Carefully glue the two parts together one tab at a time working your way round the model. Make sure that you don’t accidentally glue the two halves together.

Glue the two pairs of arms back to back so that they are double thickness.

Cut a long thin elastic band so that it is a single long piece. Thread the elastic band into place, pull it tight and tie it in a double knot.  A pair of tweezers is useful for this job.

Complete the model by gluing on the eyes and the arms. Wait for the glue to dry completely before carrying on.

Once complete, set the cubug so that it is ready to jump. Fold the model flat then lift the tab so that it locks into the key hole. Flip the model and it’s ready to go. Drop it onto a flat surface, the tab moves out from the key ring releasing the elastic band and the Cubug jumps!

Why not try creating your own designs on the mono version of the file.