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Birthday Cake, Download and Make



Originally made for #1daughter’s 21st birthday, this papercraft birthday cake is free for everyone to download and make!

Download the parts at the link. Print out the three sheet onto thin card (230gsm / 67lb) Score along all the dotted and dashed lines cut out the holes then carefully cut out the parts.

Glue the three pieces of the cake slice together then fold it up and glue it to make a slice.

Roll round the candle body into a tight tube gluing it down so that the stripes on the candle line up making a spiral pattern.

Fold over the flame parts and glue them down to make double thickness card. Leave the ends unglued. Fold up the ends of the wick as shown in the centre image.

Fit the flame into the candle tube.

Thread the candle down into the cake so that the end of the candle touches the inside bottom of the cake slice.

Join the cake top and bottom using the wedge piece.

Glue the two side strips to the ends of the wedge.

Glue the edge strips down to the tabs. Work your way round slowly gluing two or three tabs at a time. Make sure your cake stays straight and un-twisted as you do so.

The completed cake body should sit nice and flat on the table.

Assemble the remaining five candles…

…and fit them into the cake.

And there it is, a delicious no-calories birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Martha! Your cake is on its way. You’ll just need to unpack it and fit the candles. X

Also, by happy coincidence, Happy Birthday to good friend of the website, Smelter!

5 reviews for Birthday Cake

  • hi
    i hope #1 daughter had a


    i hope #1 daughter had a great day .

    the cake is a stroke of brilliance  and i will be downloading

    my girls live far away and i will make them a a small gift (i am a beader of jewelry) and slip it into the segment part of the cake, when its their turn for birthdays …thankyou this will be well used..

  • This birthday cake I baked on
    This birthday cake I baked on the last weekend. The warmest congratulations.
    Birthday Cake anigif photo Birthdaycake400anigif_zpsae152ebc.gif

    Thanks to Urmish for this idea with flickering candles.

    Beautiful! – RI

    • Hello Michael, It looks so
      Hello Michael, It looks so real. How did you make it flicker? Is it digital or mechanical?

      • It is a “stop-motion”
        It is a “stop-motion” animation. It consists of only three pictures.
        A: flame to left, B: extended flame upward, C: flame to right.
        The sequence: A-B-C-B with an interval of 0.1 sec/pic. I am glad that you like it.

  • hi made this yesterday its
    hi made this yesterday its brilliant thanks very much love it and sent a lot of my fb friends your way xxx

  • Can’t open pdf file. Please

    Can’t open pdf file. Please fix it

  • Thanks fo letting me know –

    Thanks fo letting me know – the file is fixed

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