Turbine and Bellows to Download and Make

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A mixed Laser-cut and paper project for you to download and make. Members can download the parts files for free at the link. Thanks for your support. Sign up for membership here for open access to all the projects on the site. You’ll need access to a laser cutter, or the patience to cut the wood parts from layers of thick card.

You will need:

  • 3mm laser-cut ply wood
  • Sheet of thin card
  • Sheet of normal printer paper
  • A 3mm bamboo skewer


Cut out the wood parts shown below.

Print the bellows page onto normal printer paper. Score along all the dashed lines and pre-crease them before you start to make the bellows.

Roll around the bellows to make a tube. Glue the end down as accurately as possible.

Starting from one end, fold down a complete ring as shown.

Work your way down the tube, folding down the triangles one ring at a time.

Complete the bellows as shown.

The laser-cut parts ready for assembly.

Cut a 40mm length from the bamboo skewer.

Thread the turbine parts so that they are centred on the skewer.

Cut out the twelve vane pieces from thin card and glue them into position around the turbine body.

Thread the two washers into position.

Glue the two air tube sides to the top. Make sure that they are aligned correctly.

Glue the cardboard back cover into place.

Glue on the cardboard top cover.

Fit the turbine into position. Ensure that it turns freely.

Glue one end of the bellows to the underside of the top piece.

Glue the base to the other end of the bellows to complete the model.

Repeatedly press the base and the bellows will blow air out through the air tube spinning the turbine!