Trash Can

You really can’t beat a pencil sharpened to a needle point with a scalpel. Fine line, long lasting perfection! But where to keep the sharpenings?

What I need is a nice paper box for my desk.

A modified¬†version of the bin from my Schrodinger’s cat model seems to fit the bill perfectly. Members can download the parts for this project from the link, thanks for signing up!

Print out the part sheet onto thin card. Note that the file has colours on both sides. Print out one side, flip the card over and return it to the printer before printing out the back. Once the ink is dry score along all the dashed lines, cut out the hole in the lid then carefully cut out the parts.

Roll round the body of the bin and glue it along the light grey area. Glue the base into place as shown.

Curve up the lid and glue it down. Glue the lid centre into place on the tabs.

Glue the lid edge into place.

Crease the lid handle into shape then glue it to the light grey areas on the lid.

Assemble the handles by curving round the main part and gluing it down then creasing the handle sides as shown.

Glue the handles to the light grey areas on the bin body.

And there it is! Perfect for collecting your pencil sharpenings or perhaps as a desktop container of tasty mints. Yum.