Trex Zine

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Loads of T.Rex facts in an easy to make Zine format. Members can download the file for free, non members can download it for £1.99.

Print out the page onto standard printer paper. Make sure that you set the printer to scale the image to fit the sheet otherwise some of the facts will fall off the edge.

Cut out the sheet along the surrounding black line.

Carefully fold the sheet in half. Make the crease sharp and crisp by running your finger along it.

Unfold the sheet and place it face down on your work surface. Fold one side into the middle so that it touches the first crease. Make a nice sharp crease.

Repeat the process on the other side.

Open out the sheet and fold it in half long ways.

Open the sheet. With a sharp knife cut along the black line over the centre two panels.

Fold the sheet in half long ways, here’s the magic bit.

Push the two sides inwards to make this cross shape.

Then fold it flat, your single sheet has been transformed into an eight paged booklet!

An opened out sheet the creases and cut lines look like this. Solid black lines are cut lines. dotted lines are valley folds and dashed line are hill folds.

Have fun!