Snap Up Squid

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Continuing my ongoing project to bring up to date releases of more obscure models that were previously hidden away on the flying pig site I bring you… The Snap Up Squid! Now there’s a hole in your life that you didn’t know needed filling!

This particularly delightful model is quick and easy to make. Download the file at the bottom of the post, print out onto thin card and assemble. The elastic band powered squid folds flat and can be slipped into a book or large greetings card only to pop out when the card is opened to the delight of the recipient.

There are two versions in the file. Colour and mono. Print out your choice onto thin card. Note that the colour version is double sided. Print one side, flip the card over and return it to the printer then print the other side.

Score all the dotted lines then cut out the pieces.

Glue the lower flaps of the two body halves together.

Join the top flaps together. Fold the squid flat before the glue dries to make sure that everything is lined up correctly.

Glue on the tentacles with the suckers on the inside.

Glue the eyes into place as shown.

Cut out the small square holes for the elastic band. Cut open a long thin elastic band. Thread it into place as per the picture, a pair of tweezers is useful for this job. Tie the ends of the elastic band with a double knot so that is is tight enough to close the squid body sharply but not so tight that it crushes it!

That’s it! Your squid will fold flat to fit inside a book or card and snap up when it is opened.

Just what you always needed!