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This paper joint has two degrees of freedom.
Like a shoulder, it can be moved up and down and rotated. It would make an interesting component for a poseable paper model.

Download the parts file and print them onto thin card. I printed it twice onto two different colours of card to make a more colourful model.

Score along the dotted lines and carefully cut out the parts.

Assemble the outer joint.

Assemble the long arm.

Glue together the joint centre. The yellow strip is a snug fit but must be free to turn.

Glue the yellow strip to the tabs on the long arm.

Glue the outer joint to the joint inner.

Roll up the shoulder shaft and glue the narrow strip into place.

Glue the other two strips into position.

Add a strip of glue to the rotating sleeve.

Fit the rotating sleeve into the joint outer to complete the joint.