An articulated, posable stickman figure to download and make. Members can download the file for free, non-members can download the file for a small fee. The file comes in two parts. Pages one to five are for the white stickman, pages six to ten are for the black stickman. The instructions here show the construction of the black model but apply equally to the white model. Print out the parts onto thin card. (230 micron / 230 gsm) Score along the dotted lines and cut out the holes. The centres of the circular holes are marked for those of you with compass cutters.

These next few steps are for the thighs / upper arms. Start by folding over the widest section to make a diagonal piece as shown below

Notice the valley fold.

Complete the piece by folding it round and gluing it closed. The completed piece will be a rectangular section with a diagonal piece running down the middle giving it rigidity. Repeat this process for all the thighs and upper arms.

Now to make the lower legs and forearms. Fold the pieces round to make a box section. Glue the end piece into place.

Glue the top cap into place as shown above.

Glue the remaining three tabs on the top cap and fold it round and fit it into place.

The completed arms and legs pieces.

Fold the body over to make a diagonal piece as with the arms and legs.

Then fold the box closed.

Fold the end tab over and glue it into place.

Glue the head inner into the head using the grey areas for alignment.

Glue the other half of the head into place.

Glue the shoulder attachment points to the body using the grey area for alignment. Line it up with the top of the grey area. (The right on this picture)

Glue the hips attachment point on in the same way and glue the shoulders and hips on the back as well.

Use the point of a pair of scissors to push down the tabs on all the joints including those on the arms and legs.

Thread the upper arm into place onto the tabs. Fold the tabs flat again once the arm is on.

Put a small dot of glue onto each of the tabs with a cocktail stick.

Glue a paper disk onto the tabs. Make sure no glue escapes from under the tab and that the arm is free to rotate.

Fit the lower arm on in the same way, again adding the paper disks to finish off the joint.

Complete the three remaining limbs.

Glue the head to the body using the grey areas for alignment. Lay the model flat on a work surface to make sure that there are no twists as the head is attached.

Complete the model by carefully gluing cover pieces into place over the parts with visible holes.

Pose your stickman!