Laser-Cut Worm Gear

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A Laser-Cut Worm Gear for you to download and make! You will need access to a laser cutter to cut out the parts. Laser cutters can be found in hack spaces and fab labs. Search online for one near you!  I have used 3mm birch ply to cut the parts from.

Members can download the parts file for free at the link. Thanks for signing up! Non-members can join in the fun for £6 or equivalent

Cut out the parts from the two files with your laser cutter. You will also need a 140mm length of 6mm wooden dowel and a 3mm diameter bamboo skewer.

Notice the ‘<‘ notches on the core sides. Make sure you have them on order with ‘<‘ to ‘<<<<‘  in order.

Start by glueing the ends into place.

Glue the second side into place.

Thread the  140mm dowel into place.

Finish glueing on the remaining sides of the core.

Glue the vanes that make up the worm a few at a time. Clamp them as the glue dries so that the edges are lined up together.

Work your way around a few vanes at a time until the worm is complete. Glue the two washers to each end of the worm.

Cut two 50mm long sections of 3mm bamboo dowel and glue them into place in the gear axle.

Thread the ‘>>>’ gear into place on the axle.

Thread the ‘>>’ and ‘>’ gear into place in order glueing them together as you do so. Note that the gear is now a small section of a helix.

Glue the two stops into place to complete the gear.

Make up these parts as double thickness.

Fit the gear into the small stands and glue it to the double thickness base.

Glue in one of the large stands with the two fillet pieces.

Thread the worm into position.

Fit the second stand and fillets into place.

Make up the parts of the handle. Cut another 50mm length of 3mm bamboo skewer.


Glue the handle to the shaft and finish the model by glueing on the skewer piece.

Turn the handle eleven times for one turn of the gear!