Flat Rabbit

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This simple Flat Rabbit was designed as a character to partner with the Cam-in-a-Box project.

The downloadable parts files include a pdf, a dxf and an svg version of the same outlines. Cut the parts by hand, with a laser cutter or with a cutting machine from a corrugated card sheet. The model in the photos is made from double thickness EB-flute card, roughly 4mm thick. [clearboth]

You will also need two cocktail sticks and a coffee stirring stick

Glue the three body layers together with the bob-tail layer in the middle. Make sure there is no glue in the axle hole and the curved slot.

Glue on the two head sides.

Fit a cocktail stick into the rear hole in the back leg.

Thread the cocktail stick through the axle hole in the body and fit on the other leg. The other cocktail stick threads through the front leg holes and the curved slot. Leave a gap between the legs and the body so that they move easily.

A coffee stirring stick makes a handy pushrod.

Snip off the excess cocktail sticks.

The completed Flat Rabbit. Try adding it to the Cam-in-a-Box project here!