Guard Dog

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Turn the handle on the paper animated Guard Dog and he barks ferociously warning you of approaching intruders.

Members can download the parts for free at the link above. Thanks for signing up! Non members can download and make the Guard Dog for £2.50

Print out the parts onto thin card (230 gsm / 67lb) Score along the dotted and dashed lines, cut out the holes then carefully cut out the parts. Follow the instructions below to assemble your own Guard Dog.

Make sure you have cut round the top of the nose, it is easy to miss this black line on a black background!

Assemble the bone cam from double thickness card.

Make the tail from double thickness card.

Fold over the top of the head back and cut out to make double thickness ears. Fold the ears over as shown.

Assemble the box top and base. The triangle tubes are equilateral triangles.

Assemble the box sides. The triangle tubes here are right angle triangles.

Glue the sides to the box top. Note the positioning of the various holes.

Assemble the box as shown.

Roll up and glue down the axle tube. Line up the end of the tube with the points of the triangles.

Assemble the bone cam and axle tube as shown. The bone cam lines up with the grey line on the tube.

Fit the bone cam into the box and thread the round axle tube into position.

Assemble the handle in three steps

Glue the handle to the axle.

Assemble the cam follower as shown.

Wrap a coin (20mm diameter 4 gram 1p UK 1c US ) in an off-cut of scrap card and glue it down. Thread the coin into the cam follower.

Glue the cam follower to the front of the box.

Assemble the push rod.

Thread the push rod down through the hole in the box top and glue it to the top of the cam follower. That’s the box completed.

Making the Dog

Assemble the dog’s head as shown.

Roll round and glue together the body tube.

Assemble the lower jaw.

Fit the lower jaw into the body as shown.

Glue the small tab on the head to the top back of the body. The head should be free to move up and down.

Glue the tail into place.

Glue on the front legs.

Assemble the two parts of the back legs and glue them into place.

Thread the dog down over the push rod protruding from the box top. Glue the end of the push rod to the underside of the muzzle as shown.

That’s it! Set your guard dog down in a place where it will deter intruders.