Gear 11×19

Two interlocking gears, one with eleven teeth, one with nineteen teeth. This project is from page one of the gear zine. (coming soon)

Rather than printing out in colour this project is intended to be made using coloured card. You will need three sheets of white card and three sheets of different coloured card. Follow the directions on the download as to which sheet of card matches with which page.

Score all the dotted/dashed lines and then cut out the holes before carefully cutting out the pieces.

Start by constructing the 19 tooth wheel.

Join the two rim pieces together. Make sure that they are accurately aligned. The edges should be one long straight line.

Starting from the end without the taper, glue one of the teeth pieces to the first grey area as shown.

Work your along the rim gluing the lower part of the teeth (between the dotted lines) to the grey areas. Use the black arrows to help with alignment.

When you get to the end of the strip glue the start of the next strip onto the top top of the end of the last strip.

Work your way to the end of the rim. Don’t glue down the very last tab.

Roll round and glue together the ends of the rim using the grey areas for alignment.

Complete the rim by gluing the free end of the teeth into place.

Glue the two stiffeners across the centre disks using the grey area and the edge of the square hole for alignment.

Fold round and glue down the stiffeners to make right angled triangle sections. Repeat this process with the other disk.

Thread the axle into place using the grey arrow for alignment.

Glue the two disks back to back with the cross pieces perpendicular to each other.

Fit the centre disk into the wheel rim. Locate the tabs with the edge of the rim and glue them down.

Roll the pin tightly so that it just fits into the axle tube. Glue the end down.

Thread the pin into place to complete the gear wheel.

Repeat this process to make the smaller gear.

Assemble the support box.

Glue the three legs to the grey areas, two on one side, one on the other.

Complete the gear by carefully threading the pins through the holes in the box and meshing the two gears together.

Here is the top view.

In the photography for the gear zine I used a support box made from the same color card as the backing card so as to emphasise the gears.

Turn one gear the the other gear is turned by the interlocking teeth. Notice that the gears turn in opposite directions. The larger gear turns at 11/19 the speed of the smaller gear.


With thanks to Urmish who pointed out that the large gear has nineteen teeth, not twenty one as I had originally stated. Oops!