Elbow mkii

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Further experiments with pose-able elbows. I’ve modified the previous elbow joint. The arm is now tapered along its length. The joint still works well and remains pose-able.

I’ve also added a rotating wrist joint and hand.

Members can download the parts for this version at the link and play along at home.

The basic assembly is the same so I haven’t repeated those instructions, just follow the same assembly as the previous project. I have, however, added further instructions for the hand/wrist below. Print out and cut out in the usual way then follow the guide below.

Thread the tabbed washer though the hole in the cross shaped piece.

Glue the circle of card onto the tabs. Make sure that it is free to turn.

Glue the two hand parts back to back with the semi-circular tabs not glued.

Glue the tabs to the centre of the card circle.

Fit the cross piece into the wrist and glue it into place with the ends of the tabs lined up with the end of the sleeves.

I had glued the arm to this cardboard box so that I could take pictures for the stop-motion animation at the top of this post. The eyes and mouth seemed like a natural addition 🙂