Poseable Creature to Download and Make

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A poseable creature to download and make. Slip rings and tube allow the legs to be moved side to side and along their length. The result is a weird insect-like creature which will work well as a subject for stop motion animation or just to scare your roommate!. Members can download the model for free, thanks for signing up! Non-members can join in the fun for £2.50.

Print out the parts onto thin card – 230gsm / 67lb I used coloured card for a colourful model. Print out the first page six times and the second page three times. Score along the dotted lines and cut out the parts.

There are three tube and slip-ring joints per leg. They are all made the same way. Roll up the inner tube and glue it down. Then, starting with the slip ring at the top of the joint step, roll it around the inner tube and glue it to itself. It should be a tight fit but be free to rotate round the inner tube.

The finished joint.

Three joints per leg.

Glue together section one and two of the leg.

Glue the slip-rings only of two joints to section two. The inner tube must remain free to turn.

Glue the third joint to the section one part of the leg – again the centre core must be free to turn.

Glue the centre piece into position.

Glue on section two.

Make up section three of the leg. Note that the side with the deepest cut is the underside.

Glue section three into position with the underside lowest.

Make the remaining five legs in the same way.

Glue the centre sections together one at a time working your way round to make a hexagon.

Once the glue is dry send in your picture of your creature in an interesting pose!