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An intriguing optical illusion to download and make! Members can download the parts file for free by adding to the cart and checking out. Non-members can join in the fun for £2.50 or equivalent. There are no moving parts in the model but as you move the model side to side the dice appear to float around above the baseboard. Weird!


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Download the parts from the link and make your own Magic Dice Illusion!

This project is also available on the Instructables website

Print the two pages onto thin card (230 gsm / 67lb) Score along the dotted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Glue together the base folding the flaps on the sides to make right angled triangle tubes. Glue the two stiffeners into place across the the back of the base.

The assembled base.

The secret of the illusion is that the dice are actually assembled inside out. Glue together the two dice inside out as shown above.

Glue together the two stands.

Glue the stands to the dice corners as shown.

Glue the stands to the base and you’re done.

Hold the base at arm’s length, close one eye and gently rock the board side to side, be amazed as the hollow dice suddenly appear to be solid! Magic!

The reveal!