Clockwork Orange

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A Clockwork Orange to download and make. Turn the handle on the box and a combination of scotch yoke and ratchet mechanism turn the clockwork key on the orange.
At this point I should insert a witty remark linking the model with the book/film of the same name but as I have read/seen neither I’ll just tell you that oranges are not the only fruit.
Anyway, are you feeling zesty? Then we’ll begin.
Members can download the model for free at the link. Orange you glad you signed up!

Print out the pages onto thin card. You’ll need five sheets of 230 micron/67lb A4 or Letter size.
Score along all the dotted and dashed lines, cut out the holes then carefully cut out the pieces.

All the parts of the model ready to go!

Start by gluing the two orange segment strips with the holes opposite each other.

Glue the remaining eight strips into place. The longer strips fit in the recesses.

Work your way round the orange gluing up one ring of tabs as accurately as possible.

Work your way down the orange one ring and a time.

I only thought of creating this animation when I saw the pictures I’d taken. Not bad for hand held dontcha think!

Fold over and glue together the key and the the ratchet gear to make double thickness card.

Carefully cut out the key…

…and the ratchet gear.

Fold over and glue down the two ratchet strips to make double thickness card.

Fit the ratchet gear to the ratchet axle.

Thread the axle through one of the holes in the orange core. Glue on the washer to stop it falling it. The axle should turn easily in the over-sized hole.

Fold the core round and thread the other end of the axle through the hole, securing it with the second washer.

Glue the core closed. The axle should be a loose fit in the core.

Roll up and glue down the long axle tube.

Notice where the hole is in the side of the orange in the picture. Cut down four small snips to make the hole in the end of the orange rectangular.

Slide the core into the orange and snip of the excess card on both sides. There is no need to glue the core into place.

Thread the long axle tube through one side of the orange, through the axle and out the other side of the orange. Stop when it is just past the centre as shown. Again, there is no need for glue. Friction holds it all together.

Glue the nine ratchet teeth to the grey areas on the ratchet strips in the order numbered on the strip. Curl each tile up slightly as shown.

Test the orange out by fitting the strips into place then moving them up and down together to see that the key turns. The tiles should be facing inwards towards the ratchet gear. It the key doesn’t turn swap the strips to the opposite sides of the core, still with the ratchet teeth facing inwards.

Roll up and glue down the three crank tubes.

Make up the two crank pieces.

Make the handle.

Glue together these various bits and pieces.

Glue together the yoke and the yoke top.

Fit the push-rod into the yoke then fit the yoke top into place.

Assemble the five pieces of the crank and shown making sure that everything is square and lined up as the glue dries.

Thread the crank into place in the yoke. (No glue!)

Fold up and glue the the triangle tube sections at the bottom of the box sides.

Glue the two sides together.

Fold the box round, threading the crank into place in the box sides as you do so. Make sure the yoke push rod is pointing up towards the top of the box.

Glue the box closed.

Thread the slider tube down through the box top and glue it down.

Glue the two box top stiffeners into place. Fold the two tabs down and glue them to the stiffeners.

Fit the box top into place, threading the yoke push rod into the slider tube as you do so.

Fold up and glue down the two large base flaps.

Thread the sliders onto the side pillars.

Glue the slider to the yoke and the pillar to the box top and bottom.

Repeat the same process on the other side.

Glue the four tabs back to the inside walls of the box making triangular section tubes.

Glue the handle to the longer of the two crank axle rods.

Cut a couple of slots in the axle and slot the key into place. Use a small dab of glue to hold it into place.

Face the orange so that the key and the handle are on the same side.

Pull out the front ratchet strip and thread it down through the front hole in the box.

Glue it to the yoke upper so that the end just touches the top of the body of the yoke and the strip is nicely centred.

Repeat the process with the other ratchet strip.

Fit the orange down over the strips…

Glue the two core flaps to the box top. That’s it! Turn the handle and the yoke mechanism drives the ratchet in turn driving the key. Clever stuff!

Jaffa good time?