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Platonic Reindeer - free to download and make



Free for everyone to download!

Another seasonal paper decoration based on one of the platonic solids, this time, the cube.

There are two version within the one download. One, a cube based Reindeer and the other a very badly packed present, you can choose which to make or make both!

Download the file at the link above. Print out the parts on to thin card. 230 gsm / 67lb. To make the reindeer, print out sheets one to three, for the parcel, pages two to four. Score all the dotted lines and cut out holes before carefully cutting out the pieces.

Fold in half and glue down the head, legs, tail and antlers to make double thickness card. Once the glue is dry carefully cut out the parts.

Making the Standard Reindeer

Fold up and glue together the box leaving the top open as shown. Glue the tail tab to the box tab as shown.

Close the box to complete the body.

Fold up the neck piece and glue it to the centre front of the body.

Glue the antlers to the back of the head.

Fit the head to the neck.

Glue the legs to the body lining up the grey areas on the back of the legs with the edge of the body.

Complete the reindeer with the other pair of legs.

Reindeer Parcel

Make sure that you have cut along the lines for the leg holes and the neck hole in the main body.

Curve up the triangular flaps to give the appearance something bursting out of the paper.

Glue up the box leaving the top open.

For each of the legs, add glue to the top of the leg on the opposite side to the grey area.

Thread the legs through the hole in the box from the inside. Again, line up the grey area with the bottom edge of the box and glue the leg into place.

One leg fitted as seen from the inside.

Repeat this process with the other legs.

All four legs fitted.

Fold up the neck, this time with the three tabs folded outwards.

Thread the neck through the hole in the body from the inside and glue it into place.

The neck fitted into place.

Glue the two ribbons into place around the box. The longer of the two ribbons runs around the width of the body.

Gently curve the three bow pieces and glue them together to make loops. Glue the loops to the top of the ribbon to make a bow.

Glue the antlers to the back of the head and complete the model by gluing the head to the neck.

Done! Festive felicitations one and all!

3 reviews for Reindeer

  • YES PLEASE  Mr rob… i am

    YES PLEASE  Mr rob… i am going to pop a chocolate in the box bit….

    and have them on the christmas dinner table… …

    if i fill them with chocolate raisins it may look like… lol never mind.

    Tasty! – RI

    • Thank you Rob, for the

      Thank you Rob, for the Christmas presents: what a lovely set of Christmas decorations – great idea from you trishjoyce to put a chocolate in the reindeer box, and add some chocolate raisin droppings, let's make a trail of them all over the dinner table………


      Best Christmas wishes to you all, and a very Happy New Year!


  • i love these little box

    i love these little box reindeers  i made both the normal one and the gift version one.all these platonic solid models are all fun and look great .hope rob can create the last two characters to complete the platonic solid series. and another fun idea could be to use the body and the pendulum of the brown cow and add the reindeer head,feet and tail to make a nodding reindeer

  • Dear Rob,
    I wish you a Merry

    Dear Rob,
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and many new ideas to inspire your big following.
    The year 2012 was again filled with many clever and technically interesting and artistic models. I think not only I, but all the paper modelers have built with joy your models.
    Thanks for the recent models as a gift for the members and the opportunity to participate in the forum and blog. The reindeer, covered with a lid ,is a nice little gift-box.



    Festive Gift

    Fantastic work Micheal! Thanks for the modifications you have made over the course of the year, they have been a pleasure to see 🙂 – RI

    • Yes Michael, I agree with

      Yes Michael, I agree with Rob.

      To see it is the holidays' festive delight.

      I like the green background and addition of the gift box. 

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