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Paper Moon - scale model to go with the Paper Globe


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To go with the Globe model from the previous post, I’ve made this model paper moon to the same scale. You can download the parts for free at the end of this post. Once complete, to keep the scale accurate, you should stand your moon just a smidge over three metres. (roughly ten feet for those of you using the old system) from the globe.

Note that the the craters on this model moon are only a representation, not an accurate map. Don’t use it to guide you round the moon’s surface.

Print the parts onto thin card (230 gsm / 230 micron). Score the dotted lines then carefully and accurately cut out the parts. Fold up and glue together the two parts of the moon.

Carefully fit the two halves together. This is a lot easier than the same process on the globe!

Fold round and glue together the stand.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the grey tabs.

Fit the stand to a corner of the moon, use the grey marks for alignment.

Apply glue to the tabs at the other end of the stand and complete the moon model by gluing it to the base.

That’s it. Now go and make the globe and stand it three metres from your moon!

2 reviews for Moon

  • A terribly witty (and

    A terribly witty (and educational!) addition to the model, Rob

    • Thanks Shelley, I’m glad you

      Thanks Shelley, I'm glad you liked it 🙂 I was going to try making a Sun to go with the set but at the same scale it would need to be over ten metres in diameter and over a kilometre away! 

  • i was looking at NASA

    i was looking at NASA pictures of Saturn's  moons on the internet and it give me an idea for a can have an earth spinning on its axis and the moon rotating around it not sure how to do it maybe some kind of a shaft with 2 gear systems one for the earth and one for the moon or maybe attach the moon to the earth so when the earth turned the moon moved with it , not sure how to make it work it might be to complicated to implement but just thought i would toss the idea out there anyways

    • Hi cool022883,
      have a look

      Hi cool022883,

      have a look here:

      and here:

      I bought this one, but didn't have the time o build it yet.  But I built the "Newton Spiegelteleskop" (reflecting telescope) offered by "Astro Media", too and this works great.



      • thank you 
        the 2ed model

        thank you 

        the 2ed model looks great

        but  it is a bit expensive i was thinking of just a simple paper model with like an earth rotating on its axis and a moon orbiting around the earth.

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