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Owl Box to Download and Make


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The shape of the Owl Box is inspired by a papertoy batman I came across whilst exploring the many and varied pages of Pinterest. I can’t find it again so I’m afraid I can’t give credit where it is due. That said, lets get on and make this simple but delightfully cute owl!

I started out by printing out the Owl onto a sheet of thin card (230micron/ 67lb) then printing a page from the Polka-dot Pattern download on the reverse. The polka-dots gives the inside of the box a nice finished feel. I then set the paper aside to let the ink dry completely before following these few steps to construct the owl box.

Score along all the dotted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Pre-crease all the dotted and dashed lines. Note that the dashed lines are hill folds and the dotted lines are valley folds.

Fold up and glue the open topped box base.

Glue the two feet to the base.

Fold round and glue together the head part into a square paper tube.

Fold in the top front and back to make the two “ears”

And that’s it! The head acts as a box top. Fill your owl with candy and give it to a friend.

Tu-whit Tu-whoo!

5 reviews for Owl Box

  • Again a beautiful gift-box.
    Again a beautiful gift-box. Easy and fast to build. The body can be filled with a small present.

  • im not seeing the buttons to
    im not seeing the buttons to add pictures or links in the coment section maybe it has something to do with the website changes rob mentioned in the other post, but anyways… i took robs owl box and used the scotch yoke 3 mechanism and parts from robs kuchi-san project to make an automata model.i put a video on youtube you should be able to copy and paste it to your web browser to see it.

    • Cool, nice thought.

      Cool, nice thought.

      For variation, you could flip the wings by separating them and putting them on a hinge (double the length of wings and bend, cut a slit in the body and hang the wings at bend and connect your mechanism to inside ends of the wings.)

      • yes i think that would look
        yes i think that would look better i thought the box edge would create a better flapping motion then it does.
        i moved the wings to the body and made them flap it does look better.i posted the video here

        • Now, that is something, isn’t
          Now, that is something, isn’t it? It looks very good.

          • I found plastic Ziploc

            I found plastic Ziploc bags surprisingly useful for organizing parts.

            I use mushroom boxes – RI

  • This box can also be made
    This box can also be made larger to accommodate a bigger gift by stretching just the height of the bottom section. See I used mine for a gift card holder. Thanks again Rob!

  • Belatedly can you see here a

    Belatedly can you see here a small version of the "Owl Box".

    This quick-to-build paper box model, can be extended with little effort to movable "Snowy Owl". I have cut out the eyes and glued on a separate paper behind it. The upper part has been extended. The wings as in the model "Kuchisan" attached. You will snap in automatically. A short video clip here:


    • I loved the modification in
      I loved the modification in this model, Michael. Very simple, attractive, wonderful. Again, the dynamics duo Rob and Michael work efficiently. Congratulations for you both.

      • Thank you Hugo, you’re always

        Thank you Hugo, you're always interested in all works of paper. Here a short "Stop motion".

         photo OwlboxAnimation_zpsa4393b49.gif

  • Owl
    So cute


    So cute


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