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Mouse Hug - Quick Model to Download for Free


Mouse Hug

Download and Make
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My True Love is suffering from an end of school term cold. She’s wrapped up in a blanket with a honey and lemon and a box of tissues feeling sorry for her self.

To cheer her up I made her this little Mouse Hug model.

I share it here for anyone else who’s true love is ill.

You can download the pdf for free at the link.

Get well soon!

4 reviews for Mouse Hug

  • Woo hoo! It’s like my little

    Woo hoo! It's like my little Christmas guy got a hind quarter! LOVE LOVE LOVE how you designed his haunches, Rob! So great. I think I can download this one…

    • Comfort Mouse comes to

      Comfort Mouse comes to Cumbria! Thanks for the inspiration Shelley

      • Sweet mouse! Congratulations,

        Sweet mouse! Congratulations, Rob! Thanks for this another gift!

        • Thanks Hugo!

          Thanks Hugo!

  • I Hope she’s feeling better.
    I Hope she’s feeling better. Give her my best regards.
    Thank you for the cool mouse that my daughter is begging me to print out for her : )


  • Thank you so very much! This

    Thank you so very much! This cheered my 4 yr old a lot!

  • One from the Archives, I just

    One from the Archives, I just had to make.

    Everyone loves a freebie!

    • Cute!
      Tell us about the Happy


      Tell us about the Happy Feet model Smelter!? I'm intrigued. Is it, perhaps, some sort of instrument, I notice holes in the toes…

      • “Fred Feet” is my

        "Fred Feet" is my mascot/avatar. I inherited him from my great aunts, as my mum wouldn't give him "house space". He has been used to illustrate children's stories by wearing a red nose made of icing sugar on comic relief day.
        The holes are to hold matches when he's in "punk" mood. You can still find "him" at the larger antique fairs, but after an appearance on Blue Peter the yanks went mad for "him" and bought up what few were still around.
        If you would like to read more, here is a web link about the original makers :- http://

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