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Leaves Pattern for your Paper Projects


Leaves Pattern

Download and Make
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This leaf pattern is the first of a range of pattern design ready for you to print out and make your own patterned paper. In this example I use the leaf pattern print to make the tapered box model from the previous post. Here’s how it is done.

Print out the pattern onto a sheet of thin card.

Once the ink is dry, return the paper to the printer and print the outline net of the  box on top of the pattern. It should look something like this.

Some of the cut and score lines may be tricky to pick out so check back with the original file to make sure that you have scored along all the dotted and dashed lines.

Cut out the box part and pre-crease all the score lines.

Then assemble the box as per the previous blog post. Looking good!

The main file contains six different hues of the same design, Pick the one which best matches your project. As well as the leaf pattern then are six plain coloured pages. These are useful for printing on the back of the sheets for example as a plain inside to a box.

If you are a paid member you can download the file for free at the link above, thanks for signing up!

If you not a paid member yet, don’t panic, you can still download a pattern file containing this colour scheme of the pattern for free!

They look great don’t they!

I’ll have to try making a different model using the same technique. Perhaps a camouflaged Flexiphant!

Thanks to my good friend #crowsnestdave for this splendid idea!

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  • This Leaves Pattern is great.

    This Leaves Pattern is great. The differentiated colours and the universal application to different models. A very good idea, with which you can work joyfully.

    Thanks! – RI

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