Polka-Dot Pattern

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A polka-dot pattern for you to print out and use in your paper projects. Members can download the file with six different sets of polka-dot patterns at the link. If you are a non-member you can still make your own polka-dot paper by downloading the red polka-dot set at the link.

Print out the polka-dots of your choice onto a sheet of card then, once the ink is fully dry try printing out the mono version of one of the paper projects from this site. In this example I have printed out the line version of the Paper Mouse twice onto two different pattern sheets.

If you have an area of the model which needs to be printed front and back such as the mouse’s ears, save ink by gluing a spare scrap from the polka-dot paper onto the back of the part then carefully cutting it out.

Polka-dot mice with polka-dot cheese!