There is all sorts if information about mechanisms on this website. Check out the mechanisms pages for an ever-expanding collection of pages about how thing works. These range from the basic elements of mechanisms such as levers and cams through to more complicated compound mechanisms with two or more mechanisms joined together to create a more advanced machine such as a watch escapement.

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Cams, Levers, Working Mechanisms, Mechanisms Page

Cardboard Engineering Source Book

A downloadable resource featuring ten different projects all aimed specifically at school use. The projects range from quick and simple pop up cubes to more complex double cam models. Each project comes with all the parts ready to print out, clear instructions for construction and a page of ideas for extending the project.

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More information.

Tools and Techniques

Useful tips and tricks for making your paper projects. The tools section has advice on safe and effective use of all the tools and materials, the techniques section has advice on how best to use these materials.

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Tools, Techniques


I'm delighted to say that school membership is now available for UK schools for only £29.95 per annum.

School Membership:

• Open access to all the downloads on the site
• Download the Cardboard Engineering Sourcebook, a fantastic school resource.
• Use the offline version of the mechanisms pages.
• Twelve months of varied new projects.
All for only £29.95  per annum.
Download the application form here:
Return the form with your official order number and choice of username and I'll set you up with an account so that you can log in at any time and download any of the projects, kits and e-books on the site.

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  1. To be a Member

    I would like to be a member of roboives

    I'm from Sri Lanka. So, how could I be one of your member????

  2. Time moves on

    Sorry Rob, but it is August!



    10% discount special price for July 2011! 


  3. Thanks Smelter – Now updated.

    Thanks Smelter – Now updated. I decide to run the offer right through the summer


    I would like to be a member


    I would like to be a member of roboives

    I'm from Sri Lanka. So, how could I be one of your member????


    Thanks for your interest. For non-UK orders please can you pay with PayPal or credit card?

  5. Fire Keeper's Academy

    Glad to be a Member! 🙂

    We are a private school operating from our home, and find this site very informative, user-freindly, and resourceful!! 🙂 The cost for membership is very reasonable given all the resources available, and I am glad we can access them any time of day (or night! lol) that works for us!!!

    Thank you,

    Fire Keeper's Academy

    Thank you! I delighted to hear that you find the web site useful 🙂 – RI

  6. Signing up a school

    I am also VERY interested in adapting your mechanisms for a class — how can I sign up my school?  (Or, sign up as an instructor — either is fine.)  I *do* have PayPal, and my school is in Taichung, Taiwan.



    Hi Dan, thanks for your interest. You can sign up for Membership Plus on the website then drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll send you an official receipt for your school – RI

  7. enrichmentguru2012

    Adaptations for children 8-10


     I'm a lab instructor working with kids 8-12 and studying simple machines and mechanisms.  I knew the younger kids would have difficulty with the smaller parts but I wasn't sure how hard until putting the set in front of them to tackle.  It would have been fabulous to have each project rated on a scale of 1-5 (1 being easy and 5 being advanced?)   I have had to precut the smaller pieces with interior holes and fold the narrow complicated pieces for them before handing the "set" to them in a ziploc bag. It takes a very long time to prep this so set aside a lot of time before launching even just one of these designs in an elementary school classroom.  Next time I'm going to enlarge the templates so that they are easier to cut and assemble as well.   It's my first year using these in the lab and practice makes perfect.  I look forward to figuring out how to maximize the use of your designs then allow kids to design their own.   

    Would you be someday interested in launching a creature contest online just for kids in a certain age range?  We'd love that.


  8. Thanks for your query, Yes,

    Thanks for your query, Yes, membership is available for Asian Schools as long as you can purchase membership on line. Best wishes


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