Wave machine & Goose

The STEAMjunk project uses a bell crank to convert the rotary motion of the crank into a side to side waving action. Beads and paperclips make up the crank and bell crank mechanism which is mounted on a cork base.

Members can download the instructions and templates for free by adding to the cart and checking out. Non-members can join in the fun for £2.50 or equivalent.

If you were to miss out final step of the waving hand you will have a good starting point for your own crank based automata projects. Perhaps you could add a ship rocking in a storm or a pecking bird or a giraffe swaying its long neck side to side! Let you imagination run free!

I’ve now updated the project to include the parts and instruction for this goose. If you have already bought the original you’ll be able to go into your account and download the goose file for no extra charge.