Crank Box

The Crank Box is a 3D printed project to download and print out on your own 3D printer. The simple model demonstrates pure mechanism is action. The handle drives a gear, which in turn dri as second gear and finally a crank and push rod. See the model in animated action here. 

Here are the parts printed out and ready to go. I’ve printed them with PLA in a variety of colours to make a colourful model.crank-a01

The joints are designed to be a tight fit. It should be possible to snap the models together without using any glue.

Once the parts are printed out, use this guide to assemble the model.

Pop one of the axle stubs into the larger gear.crank-a02

Drop  the push rod over the axle stub. crank-a03

Clip the crank side into place.crank-a04

Clip the second axle stub into place.crank-a05

Fit the gear into position on the box side.crank-a06

Drop the smaller gear into position in the side.crank-a07

Thread the pushrod up through the top then clip the top to the side.crank-a08

Fit the other side.crank-a09

Fit the base into position. (The base is a second copy of the top)crank-a10

Fit the handle to the gear.crank-a11

Finish the model by fitting the handle to the handle crank.crank-a300a

Turn the handle to mesh the gears and crank the push rod!crank-a13

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