Squeeze Box


A working paper squeeze box accordion to print out and make. It only plays two notes but hey, it works and it is made from paper!

Members can download the parts for free as usual, non-members can download the parts file for £2.50 from the link above. The file comes as a coloured and no-coloured version.

Print the bellows on to standard printer paper, print out the rest of the parts onto thin card.

Score along the dotted and dashed lines and cut out the holes before carefully cutting out the pieces.

Pre-crease along all the scored lines of the bellows piece.

Glue along the back of the edge opposite the grey edge with a glue stick.

Roll the tube around and glue it together as accurately as possible.

This is tricky so take your time.

Starting on the row below the top end of the tube. Fold one parallelogram with four hill folds round the outside and a valley fold across the centre.

Repeat this process all the way round to complete a row of paralleograms.

Work your way down the tube to the row before the end.

Complete the bellows tube by folding in the ends. Notice that here the hill and valley folds are reversed.

The instructions for the two end pieces are basically the same apart from one minor change. The instructions here are for end ‘b’

Make up the tapered blow hole.

Glue on the longer of the two ‘b’ pieces. This will be the vertical piece. Glue the tab to the grey area on the blow tube.

Glue the second ‘b’ piece to the grey area to make the horizontal bar.

Glue the top of the blow-hole to the box next to the slot arrowed. Note that it glues onto the side of the slot that has the largest area.

Glue the side of the blow hole to the side of the box along with the side tabs on the vertical and horizontal pieces. Make sure you line up the ends of the horizontal and vertical pieces with the edge of the box arrowed.

Fold up and glue the sides of the box.

The second box ‘a’ is basically the same but the horizontal piece is fitted slightly higher up in the box closer to the slot.

Fold down and glue into place the lids of the two boxes. Once the glue is dry you can test them by blowing through the holes in the sides. If they are not sounding clearly make sure that the centre of the blow hole lines up with the opposite end of the slot.

Glue the bellows to one box.

Glue the second into place. Let the glue dry completely.

Complete the project by gluing the handles into place.

Pull and push the ends to make the whistles sound!