Pop Up Character

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This pair of connected pop up boxes makes an interesting starting point for your own character designs. Members can download the parts for free at the link above. Print out the pages onto thin card and modify the finished project to make your own unique pop up character.

Score along the dotted lines, cut out the holes then carefully cut out the two parts.

Join the two pieces together by carefully gluing the two grey squares face to face. Make sure no glue extends beyond the grey areas. Complete the join by folding the small tab through the hold and gluing to the back of the adjoining piece.

Fold round each of the two boxes and join the ends by gluing the front faces of the two hooked tabs together.

On each of the two boxes, join the two sides furthest from the hooked tabs together.

Hook a long thin elastic band over the smaller of the two hooks, thread it through the small hole and hook the other end onto the larger of the two hooks. A straightened paper clip can be helpful with this.

Complete the project by gluing the remaining sides together.

Fold the two sides flat, release and watch it pop up!

Don’t be restricted by keeping your model one way up, make and animal character with the boxes lined up horizontally.

Make a Character with a fat body…

…or a large head.