Papertoy Pirate

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Avast ye land-lubbers! Here be a Papertoy Pirate for ye to download and make!

The model is free for members and patrons to download, non-members can join in the fun for free at the link.

Print out the two pages onto thin card, score along the dotted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Cut round the nose and ears and cut the two slots in the body.

Curve round and glue together the head.

Glue on the beard and tache.

Glue the long strip round the bandana.

Curve round and glue together the body.

Roll round and glue the two leg tubes.

Glue together the seams of the two leg tubes lining them up at the top.

Fit the two leg stops into place in the shorter leg.

Roll up and glue down the peg leg.

Glue the long leg to the foot and glue in the peg leg. Adjust it so that the legs stand straight.

The arms are made from double thickness card, fold them over and glue them down then carefully cut them out. Make sure you don’t glue the tabs together.

Thread the two neck tabs into the body.

Glue the two arms into place.

Glue the body to the legs.

Yargh! Ye be finished!