Jumping Jacks

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You will need access to a laser-cutter to make this model. If you don’t have your own laser-cutters can often be found in hack-space and maker-spaces, check on line to see if there is one near you. The parts download includes a pdf, svg and dxf version of the outlines, pick the version that works best for your machine.

Cut out the parts from 1400 micron card – I used mount board of the sort used for picture frames which I bought from my local craft store.

Fit one axle piece into each cross on the back piece.

Flip the back over…

Fit the legs into place.

Fit the arms over the upper axle pieces, thumbs up.


Press the top piece into place.

Thread the rack up from the bottom and engage the gear teeth with the rack. Fit the other axle pieces down from the top. 


Pull the circle to raise the arms. Make your own head to go on the top!