Intermittent Gear

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Here’s a quick experimental mechanism for you to download and make. Both gears in the model have ten teeth. The larger gear started as a seventeen tooth gear then had seven consecutive teeth removed. Turn the handle and the smaller gear is turned a full rotation then pauses as the blank part of the large gear moves past. This motion is repeated as the gear is turned.

The model makes an interesting mechanism in its own right but could also be used in a character based model.

As always, members can download the models for free from the link. Non-members can download the parts for £2.50.

Print out the parts onto two sheets of thin card – 230gsm / 67lb is about right. Use coloured card for a colourful model!

The gears are made from double thickness card. Fold them over and glue them down.

Once the glue is dry carefully cut out the parts.

Fit the long square axle into the small gear lining it up with the grey line.

Roll up the two axle tubes and glue them down lining up the ends with the edge of the grey area.

Fit the shorter round axle into place in the square tube.

Fit the short square axle into the large gear lining up the gear with the grey line.

Assemble the handle in three steps as shown.

Glue the long round tube into the handle.

Fold round and glue down the tabs on the box ends.

Assemble the box base as shown and glue the box ends into place on the tabs as shown.

Thread the handle and axle through the box base. Glue the large gear to the axle. The handle should be free to turn.

Fit the small gear into the hole in the top of the box base as shown.

Fit the box top into place over the end of the round axle.

Fold up the box sides and glue them into place.

Fold in the box end sides and glue them down to complete the model.