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I’ve completed the parts and instruction for the crank / cam mechanism. This one of two mechanisms I’m trying out for the Dodo model that I’m working on at the moment. The pdf file is available for premium members to download.

Turn the handle and the main shaft moves at the same speed as the handle.

The collar, arrowed here, is moved by the four lobed cam at the bottom of the mechanism. It moves up and down four times for each turn of the handle.

If you are a premium member you can download the mechanism and full instructions for free at the bottom of the page.

As this is the naked mechanism, no Dodo as yet, it’ll be easy for you to adapt it for your own models. It should work well for any flying character, a bee perhaps or a flying hippo.

Download it and have a go, see what character’s you can come up with to make the most of this interesting mechanism.

Over to you.

(Don’t forget to come back and leave a nice comment if you enjoy this model!)