Cake Box

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#truelove and I spent the weekend in Glasgow. Very nice it was too. On the train I treated her to a tasty carrot cake which came in this elegant box.

The package opens out and folds flat for storage but becomes remarkably rigid when folded into a box.

Here it is opened out with the hill and valley folds marked out in pen.

On our return home I transfered the the basic design to an Illustrator file and scaled it to fit on a single sheet of paper.

Here’s the layout on screen with colours added.

If you are a member you can download the file at the link at the top and make your own.

Score the dotted / dashed lines and cut out the parts.

Glue the sides at the grey blobs.

Fold in the centre tucks…

… then fold down the lid.

Finish the box by adding cakes!