Whole Banana

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New —The first, un-peeled banana is now available for everybody to download for free. The complete file with both peeled and unpeeled banana is free for members to download.

Two different paper bananas for you to download and make. The banana was designed with the aid of the 3D program Blender. I’m planning on creating a tutorial of some sort showing how it was done shortly.

If you are a member you can download the parts for the usual places for free. Thanks for signing up!

There are two different designs, each one in colour and line only. Print out the pages of your choice onto thin card. (230 gsm / 230 micron) Score along the dotted lines and carefully cut out the pieces.

Unpeeled Banana 

Fold up and glue together the end.

Glue together the five strips that make up the main body of the banana starting at the bottom end. The parts are number 1-5. Glue them together so that the numbers go 5,4,3,2,1 running left to right.

Loop round and glue together the strips 1 and 5 to make a tube.

Glue the body of the banana into the banana end. Use the two dots for alignment.

Work your way up the banana gluing together one row at a time.

Complete the banana by gluing together the stalk.

Peeled Banana

Glue together the base in the same way as with the unpeeled banana.

Glue together the five strips of peel in descending order 5-1 left to right.

Glue together the five strips that make up the banana inner. Start at the base by gluing together the strips this time in ascending order 1-5, left to right.

Work your way up the banana body gluing together one row at a time.

Roll round and close the peel into a loop.

Glue the peel to the base using the dots for alignment. Curve the peel over so that the peel hangs downwards.

Fold up the tabs on the banana body and apply glue to the back of the tabs.

Glue the banana body into the peel to complete the model.

Make sure you don’t leave your banana peel on the floor, you don’t want anyone to slip!