Here’s a special paper treat for you to cut out and make. These Allsorts paper candies make a great table decoration and are perfect if you are on a diet!

Members and Patrons can download the files for free right now, Non-members will be able to download them for free after 5th November

The sweets are all really simple to make. Here’s a quick run down on what to do. Print out the parts onto thin card. Score between the dotted lines, I’ve left the dotted lines off the actual faces for a cleaner look. All the round sweets are made the same way. Curve round the long strip and glue it down to the marked area.

Glue on the base

Glue on the top.

All the square sweets are the same design. Score between the dotted lines, this diagram shows all the lines that need scoring.

Glue up the box.

Glue down the lid. Simple as that.

The full set of Allsorts looks tasty and colourful in a simple bowl.