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Poppers - paper characters


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Two charismatic popper models for you to make. Powered by a single elastic band these Poppers make a fun, cheery desk ornament. Press down on the head of the surly character and he raises his arms cheerfully. There are two in the downloadable pack for double the fun!

1 review for Poppers

  • It is April 2013 and I can
    It is April 2013 and I can not download this for free. The page says that I can download it after march 2012 for free. What am I missing? I am a member.

    • i believe  your misreading

      i believe  your misreading the page the page probly says you can download models posted after  march 2012 .the postdate for this model is  April 2009 which is why its not free.

    • Membership expands backwards

      Membership expands backwards as well as forwards.

      When I sign in the page tells me :-

      You have been a member since:: Dec 16, 2009

      The page also has the added info :-

      You can download projects posted after Dec 16, 2005 for free.

      If you talk nicely to Rob, he usually has a soft spot for keen members.

      • or he could upgrade his

        or he could upgrade his membership  to membership + then he would have access to everything.or maybe  see if rob will do his everything CD again i know he does bring those back from time to time.

        • Good point Cooly. I couldn’t

          Good point Cooly. I couldn't have written a better advert myself.

        • Thanks everyone. I’ve been in

          Thanks everyone. I've been in touch with Jjneiry.

          I'll probably re-release the CD again in the summer.



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