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Paper Globe to download and make


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A paper globe to download and make.

Members can download the parts for free at the end of this post. Non-members can download the parts for a small fee. Print out the parts onto thin card (230 gsm / 230 micron) Notice that there is a mono and colour verion. With the colour version, parts sheet four is marked front and back. Print out the parts 4 front onto one side of the card, flip the sheet over, return it to the printer and print out parts 4 back onto the other side. Score along the dotted lines and cut out the holes before cutting out the parts.

Start by assembling the two halves of the globe.

Fold the base round and glue down to make two rectangular box sections.

Glue together the stand and thread it up through the hole in the base.

Assemble the base stiffeners as shown.

Flip the base over and glue on the base stiffeners.

Fold round and glue down the remaining flaps to complete the base.

Glue on of the support sides to the support back

Glue the other support side into place.

The fillet glues into place to cover up the tabs. Glue one end of the fillet to the support back, roll it round and glue the other end down to the bottom of the support back.

Glue the support to the base.

Glue the two parts of the globe together.

When I used to fix my own car the Haynes manual would always say something like that. “Glue the two parts together” “Simply remove the gear box” “Refit the crank shaft” It is easy to say but tricky to do. Start by gluing one flap. then glue the remaining tabs and fit the globe together. You can press parts into place by threading a chop stick through the holes in the top and bottom. Good luck with this stage!

Thread the axle through the globe. Fit the two washers so that the axle is centred vertically and free to rotate.

Complete the model by gluing the axle to the support.


5 reviews for Paper Globe

  • Dear Rob,
    I just completed

    Dear Rob,

    I just completed this model and it looks great!

    I made it for my husband, who loves maps and globes, and I am positive he is going to love it.

    Thanks so very much for another wonderful model.  I've been worrying about a medical problem this week and working on the model has been a marvelous diversion.  It saved me more than a few wrinkles and gray hairs, to be certain.


    Very best wishes and keep up the great work.

    – Linda

    Santa Clara, CA

  • Dear Rob,
    Yes, I was right. 

    Dear Rob,

    Yes, I was right.  My husband absolutely loves this model.

    The first comment he made when I gave it to him was "WOW!  It even turns like a globe!"

    I smiled and told him, "It's one of Rob Ives'.  The man knows how to make excellent card models."

    Thanks so very much for all the fun and wonderful models.  They're a great deal of fun to build and even more fun to give to people.  They are inevitably impressed and that makes me very happy indeed.

    Best wishes,

    – Linda D.

    • Thanks Linda! I’m delighted

      Thanks Linda! I'm delighted that you both liked the model.


  • Hi Rob,
    I’ve paid for the

    Hi Rob,

    I've paid for the paper globe, but I'm still stuck at the page where it says  "Your order is being processed. Please allow up to 2 minutes for this process to complete.

    Thank you for your patience." and it's been 10 minutes now. Can I get a download link? My email is [email protected], you can check that I've made payment via PayPal. I've also tried signing up for monthly membership but after keying in my credit card details, nothing happens! Did my payment even go through? Help, I need this really urgently for a project. Thanks.

    My apologies, I have emailed the globe to you direct. – RI

    • Thanks so much 😀

      Thanks so much 😀

  • If I purchase this globe blue

    If I purchase this globe blue print, will I be able to scale it up?



    Yes, the file is a pdf. You will be able to scale it however you want using the acrobat reader – RI

  • I Cannot Download This

    I Cannot Download This Globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I DOwnload it, But This PDF Is instruction only, NOt THe Globe Template!!


    • Make sure you are clicking

      Make sure you are clicking the Add to Basket button at the top of the page.

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