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Mechanical Gentleman, my very first model!


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The Mechanical Gentleman. Pull the slider and the gentleman bows his head and raises his hat. Courtesy in cardboard!
This was the very first animated model created by Rob Ives, First released in 1995 this updated version with completely rewritten instructions is now available as an 11th anniversary model. Have fun! Print this model onto thin photocopier card then all you need to made the model are scissors, ruler, PVA glue and a sharp knife.

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  • Gif-Animation
    I have a paper


    I have a paper model of "The Mechanical Gentleman" fitted with a crank drive. For this I used the base model "Simple Crankslider" and modified. The width of 54mm and the height was reduced to 58mm, put the bearing for the crankshaft.

    At the model still has to be cut out baseboard and the slider-holder will be removed. The "Push Rod" is reduced to 10mm ². To facilitate assembly, the crank is plugged.

    A drawing A4 as a "jpeg" file I like to send gratis to interested parties an E-mail.

    Have fun replica.


    A video on youtube : http://

    • Hello there,
      Would you

      Hello there,
      Would you please send me the modication for the Mechanical Gentleman to [email protected]?
      I am in shame to admit that I have failed making the original slider version, I think your modification with the crank will work very reliably and I would like to have a go at it again.


      • Hello Randolf Kim,
        I will

        Hello Randolf Kim,

        I will send the drawing with the modified "Crank Slider" immediately. Please also note the page with the model and instructions "Simple Crank Slider" view.


        • Hey Michael, could you send

          Hey Michael, could you send me a copy of the above too? it looks amazing! thank you! 


          • Hi Yin, thank you for your

            Hi Yin, thank you for your interest. Send me your email address. Do you have an account at Youtube?

            Michael    [email protected]

          • Hi Michael.
            I’d very much

            Hi Michael.

            I'd very much like to add your modifications in my Mechanical Gent. Looks great. Am thinking of add the left arm & animating that too….somehow

            Please send jpeg to [email protected]



    • Hello! this automata looks

      Hello! this automata looks amazing! 😀 i love how the bending of the boda and raising of the hat works so well with the simple movement. do you still have a copy of the automata 😮

      • Hello happytzeyi_999, yes –

        Hello happytzeyi_999, yes – just add it to your cart.

    • Happy new Year! Please could

      Happy new Year! Please could you email me your excellent  mod plans, too. Many Thanks

      [email protected]

  • Sorry for the disturbing

    Sorry for the disturbing again Rob. But I cannot download the mechanical gentleman. I had recently downloaded the loch ness monster. But with this model, its always showing that the download is completed. It even doesnot shows the option of where to save the file. I had searched the whole computer.

    My apologies, Please can you send me details of your payment and I will look into this for you – RI

    • I got it! The download is now

      I got it! The download is now working. I have uploaded most of the automatas I made. Please see them!

  • I have finished my Mechanical

    I have finished my Mechanical Gentleman! 

    He is fantastic, seeing him move is just amazing. I liked him so much I made him twice! (actually I made him 3 times, the first was on paper about 160g because that's all I had at the time. Everything was great except he didn't raise his hat as he got skewed off to the side instead of going up the ramp! That might have been a problem with my building abilities though. After making him again and again my skills have really improved. He is now very smooth and fluid, I couldn't be happier!

    I have a question about the Slider Holder.

    The first one I made I followed your directions by gluing the cam slider exactly as the grey outline shows on the pdf. But doing so seems to put it upside down. The second one I reversed it and it works much better.

    Not sure if I made a mistake or not sorry. Anyway thank you for this great design! Can't wait to start on the next project!

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