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Making Mars - Download and Make


Make Mars

Download and Make
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Mars assembled.

Members can download and make the parts for free at the link. There are no instructions as it is pretty self explanatory, there is however a video of me putting together mine. I managed to keep the action in frame for at least 50% of the time.

I’m planning on putting up a tutorial of the design process shortly. Meanwhile, enjoy putting this together.

1 review for Making Mars

  • this isnt very hard project

    this isnt very hard project to make but it will use up a bit of time with about a zillion score lines and tabs=)~~ maybe i exaggerated maybe rob can make the other planets and we can have a paper solar system

    It really does take *ages* to score and stick! – RI

    • ya cool good idea, and can
      ya cool good idea, and can you even make two moons called Europa and enceladus,rob.

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