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Equatorial Sundial model


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Download, print out and make this elegant equatorial sundial, line it up with the North/South line and, once the sun comes out, you can read the time from the shadow on the dial. This fascinating model is ready for download now. As a subscriber you’ll be able to download the model from the link. Non subscribers can download for a small fee.

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3 reviews for Equatorial Sundial

  •  Thank you for the truly

     Thank you for the truly elegant Equatorial Sundial design – I like the way that by its’ not being coloured you can appreciate the different forms so much more easily.


    On a different subject, I’m intrigued by the bellows design. I’m certain that I saw a similar crease pattern to this on Tomorrow’s World in the 60’s or early 70’s (I know; really prehistoric) when it was being proposed as an easily erected 3-dimensional form suitable for emergency housing after floods and things. So far as I can remember the material was going to be something like Tyvek. The form was not pulled round into a tube but had flat edges to go on the ground surface, so that it formed into a tunnel-like structure. I often wonder whether it underwent any more development than the ideas stage; it seemed a very elegant structural solution! A little bigger than the bellows design, though…

  • Thank you Rob
    “Mach es wie

    Thank you Rob

    "Mach es wie die Sonnenuhr, zähl die heit’ren Stunden nur." (Do it like the sundial, count the bright hours only.)

    • Danke auch, Max. Wir warten

      Danke auch, Max. Wir warten für Fruhling und Sonne!

      Rob (PS – My mother is visiting for the Christmas season and she wrote the German for me!)

  • I thought the stand piece
    I thought the stand piece (parts page 4) looked a bit odd – one of the dashed lines is missing!

    Also, I’ve found it useful to reinforce the dial supports. I ended up using some corrugated card I had, but some thick (solid) card would have been easier to cut. I’ve stuck extra dial support sections to the inside of the reinforcements (partly for the look of it, partly as it’s how I cut the card to fit!) – but I may decide to fit a ‘cover’, so it matches the dial backs…


    • Thanks for pointing that out

      Thanks for pointing that out Justin, I’ve uploaded the correct file to the Sundial page.

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