T.Rex with Interchangeable Cams to Download and Make

This new project is a cam powered T.Rex automata. The head and lower jaw are driven by separate cams which can be interchanged to change the way the T.Rex moves and so tell a different mini-story.

Members of robives.com can download this model for free. Non members can download the part files for £2.50

Visit the blog to see the video of the T.Rex project in action.

Download the And Goat for Free.

The And Goat is currently available for free on the website here.

Like the logic gates that make your computer work, the logic goat uses inputs (buttons) to control an output (nodding head). If either button is pressed then the goat does nothing but if one button AND the other button is pressed then the goat nods. Check the website for the full four goat logic goat collection including And Goat, Not Goat, Or Goat and XOR Goat.

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