8th June 2010


If you enjoy the paper engineering projects on the robives.com website, you'll love the membership package. For just £3 a month you get free access to all sorts of exclusive member's content from quick craft projects to complete animated paper models.
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Dodo – come and get it!

A new model for you to download, print out and make. Check out the web site to see details of how it is constructed. The Dodo model uses an crank slider and cam mechanism to make its unsuccessful attempts to fly.

The Dodo model is free for members/subscribers to download.




Collections are groups of existing models bundled into packs of related models. There are seven on the site at the moment with more being added all the time. They range from the Logic Goats models, seen here through the bridges set to the Paper Locksmith Collection. All sorts of paper fun. All the models come at a special price. And as a member (or subscriber) you get your usual discount.

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